Southern California High Times Cannabis Cup 2015

The Honey Pot team was in full effect at this year’s most recent High Times Cannabis Cup in San Bernardino. Nicely placed with our friends at the Vader Village Stage our weekend was filled with entertainment, excitement, and it was topped off with a First Place win for our Topical Bear Balm. Such a blessing and joy to be a part of this industry at this time! Check out the fun we had…

Load in at the Vader Village…


Our friends at Source Genetics and Dr. Greenthumb took it to another level with their booths!!


Tons of free giveaways and information in every direction…


The Vader Stage stayed packed through the sun and rain on Saturday!! Our friend and spokes model Dani Mathers shot Honey Pot Straws out of a t-shirt cannon and later the Vader/Paris team made it rain money!!


The rain stopped and the cool night was a perfect end to the first day of the cup!!



On Sunday we smoked the Honey Pot Bear Blunt made by @weavers_, with Little Debbie, Dani, Adam Ill, even Jurassic 5 member Chali 2na stopped by to hit it!!


And then finally came the moment that we had been waiting for, High Times’ own Bianca Barnhill announced our award for First Place Cannabis Topical and the rest is history…