Las Vegas High Times Cannabis Cup Recap

In the span of less than 24 hours last month, the Las Vegas area’s first High Times Cannabis Cup—also the first Cannabis Cup to be held on Indian reservation land—went from a full-fledged marijuana festival in a state where cannabis is legal for recreational use, to a cannabis-free convention-style expo with over a dozen empty booths and a hip-hop concert...

Despite restrictions, the Cannabis Cup went on as planned – at least for one day. And while three different interviewed vendors said they knew of fellow vendors that had dropped out of the event as a result of not being able to offer marijuana products, several others stayed on “to support the cannabis movement.”

“It came down to ‘Do we want to be there, or are we going to allow this to force us out,’” said Corey Thomas, CEO of Los Angeles-based Honey Pot Bear, a cannabis edibles and topical lotions company. Honey Pot Bear’s products have won eight Cannabis Cup awards at festivals in California since 2015. “We wanted to support the cannabis movement, so we kind of took one for the team this week.”

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