The New Smoker : “Honey Pot : Not just for calming bears.”

Honey Pot’s cannabis infused honey, while shaped like a bear, is meant for humans who suffer from a myriad of conditions. If one of these ailments were brought upon by a bear attack however than a deep level of irony is at play.

The truth is that Honey Pot’s cannabis honey may be the one true saving grace between the human and bear population. A relationship that is sometimes fraught with hostility. This is the power of THC, CBD and honey. A bridge builder between species and an elixir for pain and monotony.

Recommended approach: Invite your favorite bear over and offer him some CBD honey. This will just relax your bear friend without any psychoactive effects. See how he responds and if he’s cool then maybe give him some of the good Indica stuff. If he starts tripping hard, back up and raise your hands in the air like you are a big and tough animal. This should make him think twice about getting violent and stealing your entire stash. Just give him some more CBD honey and tell him to chill out. He most likely will, as it turns him into Winnie the Pooh.

Repeat and enjoy.

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