Honey Pot FAQ


Do you ship?
No, we do not ship any of our products. Our medicated line is made for CA Medical Marijuana Patients only.

Where does your Honey come from?

We work directly with apiaries from Northern and Southern California Local Bee Forage Regions to bring you the highest quality wildflower honey available.

Do you use organic Honey?

It is possible for bees to produce organic honey, but it is next to impossible for a beekeeper to place a hive in an area that is out of a bee’s flight of pesticides and chemicals. We work with apiaries that use organic practices within their hives, but it is impossible to control where the bee flies or what flowers they collect nectar from.

Do you use raw Honey?

The National Honey Board defines raw honey as “honey as it exists in the beehive or as obtained by extraction, settling or straining without adding heat.”

Our honey has been gently warmed and filtered to remove wax, pollen, and debris.

Why does the Honey get so thick or appear to separate?

“All honey crystallizes eventually. Suspended particles and fine air bubbles in honey contribute to faster crystallization.” – The National Honey Board

Our whipping process adds air to the honey causing it to crystallize faster. We also use Organic Cold Pressed Coconut Oil which solidifies at 70 degrees. If your bear ever seems too thick or looks as if it is separating, drop it in a glass of warm water for a few minutes and give it a good shake.

Why do you use Coconut Oil?

Cannabinoids are hydrophobic oils, meaning they cannot be absorbed in to water but are soluble in lipids (oil/fat) and alcohol. Water makes up for over 60% of the human body and about 92% of our blood. Ingesting cannabis that has been infused in to a high lipid oil, such as coconut oil, aids in the absorption of the cannabinoids in to the users system. There is also a long list of health claims found from the use of organic cold pressed coconut oil both topically and internally.

Will your topical products make me feel “high”?

Although the original formulas of our topical products contain THC and THCA, our topicals are not intended to produce a psychoactive high and are not meant to be ingested.