The Cannafornian : “Cannabis infused massages in demand at High Times Cannabis Cup”

Anthony Bryant and Carol Hunter traveled a long way — all the way from their home in New Orleans — to get to High Times SoCal Cannabis Cup.

But their travel-induced tension and sore backs were eased not long after they stepped inside the festival Friday afternoon thanks to the Honey Pot Topical Massage Spa.

“I was almost snoring in there,” Bryant said. “That was much needed.”

The mobile massage spa is set up next to dab booths, grow equipment displays and a Nug photo opp with a 1-pound bag of weed inside a pavilion at the National Orange Show Events Center in San Bernardino.

The team that makes Honey Pot edibles and topicals started partnering three years ago with massage therapists to help festival-goers relax and give them a chance to test out the company’s products.

Moses Mendez, a massage therapist out of Costa Mesa, said the marrying of the two worlds just makes sense.

“Their industry and our industry are all compassion-based,” he said.

The cannabis-infused balms and butters are particularly helpful for clients suffering from conditions such as arthritis and fibromyalgia, Mendez said.

Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, who’s also from Costa Mesa, made international headlines in December when he announced that he treats his own arthritis by applying wax from a marijuana-infused candle he’d picked up at High Times Cannabis Cup in 2016.

Mendez said he uses the practice himself to treat the tendonitis he gets in his wrists from, ironically, massaging people all day.

“You’ve got to practice what you preach,” he said.

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