Cannabis Consumer Magazine : Bear Balm Review

Written by Shasta Nelson

For me, lip balm is a must-have. Frankly, lighting up gives me dry lips and dry mouth, so I always have a water bottle and a tube of balm in my bag. Cannabis is also a must-have for me. And I generally have that in my bag too. So eventually I got the bright idea of combining the two and started trying cannabis-infused lip balms. I was more than pleasantly surprised to find cannabis balm to be delicious and effective. Sorry though, this topical doesn’t get you high.

I tried a bunch of different brands both big and small and eventually I came across Honey Pot Bear Balm and this year’s High Times Cannabis Cup. It was only ten dollars, and the tube I got is still going strong after two months of almost-daily use.


It’s minty and fresh, it contains:cannabis topical

  • coconut oil
  • beeswax
  • cannabis
  • vitamin E
  • peppermint
  • lavender
  • eucalyptus

So pretty much everything you need to have healthy, lovely lips. It’s moisturizing, long-lasting, and totally tasty. I definitely Bear Balm to any cannabis-lacking lip balm I can tell you that hands down! I don’t have to reapply as much as with drugstore lip balms, the cannabis helps heal inflammation and dryness, while the other essential oils soothe and heal in their own way. It smells like mint, though there is a slight dank to it. I personally enjoy that, and no one else seems to notice it at all. Win, win!

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