The Honey Pot product line comes from a California family operated Medical Marijuana Collective. Membership is made up of multiple generations of cannabis activists. Our mission is to produce high quality medicinal remedies from natural resources, and help patients get through their daily life more comfortably. Compliant with CA 11362.5 and Proposition 215.

"With healthy products designed especially to appeal to first-time users, seniors and female patients, Honey Pot has pioneered the CBD-infused market with special topicals and edibles that provide relief without any psychoactive effects." - Elise Mcdonough (Edibles Editor High Times Magazine)

"Creating a healing synergy by pairing cannabis with other medicinal plants and nutritious coconut oil allows patients to see it in a different light." - Elise Mcdonough (Edibles Editor High Times Magazine)

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Products are available in CA Medical Marijuana collectives. No shipping available.